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The Trails at Files Creek
(design, nature, comfort)

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The Trails at Files Creek in Beverly, West Virginia - an Appalachian mountain where design, nature, and comfort meet. Roam 100 acres of groomed trails, or venture deeper into the Monongahela National Forest.

Hiking Mountain

Built by Master Beverly carpenters, our custom cabins are an inspiration. We also used a local team to design our tent camping sites. Each site has a unique landscape, and is positioned to offer enchanting views. Hidden away in the deep forests, on ridges, and along the creek you will find a memorable stay here.


Through a unique mix of custom cabins, glamping tents, campsites, and event set-ups, experience a breathtaking environment for your retreat. 

100 acres of trails. From the Community Area and Creek attraction at the bottom of the mountain to the Park at the top, Guests are invited to explore. There are also thousands of acres of Monongahela National Forest bordering the grounds. 

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